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Not necessarily Motorsports Racing related, but they do Race through the red tape to Save Lives of Children all over the World.  One of the most efficiently run Not-for-Profit Organizations that is making a profound and lasting difference in the World.



Their purpose is to bring unique and exclusive automotive contents to get your adrenaline pumping. Brandon Harris, founder and president, is as a passionate raceaholic as they come.  Also, check out their facebook page.


Nelson Lee is a very talented Photographer, who is also a die hard Auto Enthusiast.  Check out some of his photography of M3 and RS6.

E46 M3     RS6

Nelson Lee is also the creative consultant for RacingLine Website and all of its Social Media sites.  He played an integral role in launching of RacingLine, Inc..  We would not be where we are without you, Nelson!  Thank you Buddy.

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They are on a mission to help people (especially Racers) improve their Wellness, allowing them to perform at their best on the Track and in Life.  They apply their expertise gained as a Certified Trainer and as a Supermoto Racer to help their clients achieve their desired goals.  They also provide blogs on their site to support the Wellness community with their fitness endeavors. 


Industry leader for Honda K-Series powered Race and Street Vehicle Specialist.  Brian, President and Founder, combines his two passion of Engineering and Racing to bring products for K-Series Market that are like no Other.  He is a pure Racer through and through, and raises the level of Racing where ever he races.



Derrick, the president, is first and foremost a race junkie.  He is passionate about racing and Subaru's.  He's applied his Engineering skills and his passion to create highest quality shift knobs for Subaru WRX/STi, BRZ, and Toyota FRS.



Phil at Detailers Domain is one of the most talented Detailers in the industry.  He is active on numerous Auto Enthusiast Forums helping the community better take care of theirides.

National Auto Sports Association


National Auto Sport Association is an organization dedicated to organizing and promoting racing activities for both the aspiring and accomplished racers.

Full disclosure: RacingLine is a Proud Sponsor of the Local NASA Chapter, NASA NORTHEAST.


Held every June in St. Louis, Scoobapalooza is quickly gathering momentum to become one of the biggest Subaru Enthusiast meet.  

Full Disclosure: RacingLine is the Main Sponsor of Scoobapalooza Autocross.




Motorsports North East is the organization for Autocross at MetLife (NY GIANTS) Stadium.  They are an extension of NASA North East, bringing wealth of experience and knowledge for the most safe and fun autocross experience.  If you are interested in getting a taste of the racing scene (and reside in North East region) this is a good place to start.  Also, read this excellent article by Dave Wong, as he walks you through his experience of getting started in Autocross.

Full Disclosure: RacingLine is a proud sponsor of Motorsports North East.